Nurse's Virtual Health Office

Oak Park  Elementary School Health Office

Welcome to the Oak Park  Elementary School Virtual Health Office. During this COVID-19 pandemic this will be your site to speak to the nurse or health tech regarding health related questions you might have or just want to chat or anything you might need help. Everything shared on this website is confidential and all who enter here are respected, wanted, loved, and accepted. Feel free to explore the website. You will find resources here pertinent to your needs.


Your School Nurse is: , BSN/ Registered Credentialed School Nurse


Nurse Office Hours: Mon- Fri. 9:30 - 3:00


Additional Contact Information:

Your Health Technician is: Matilde Espinoza

Health Technician Office Hours: Monday- Friday 

Cluster Coordinator: Jennifer Alfonso, MSN, RCSN

Phone: 619 994-2873

Email: [email protected]


 Additional Information/Links:

Authorization for Release of Information (English):


Authorization for Release of Information (Spanish)


Kindergarten Medical Exam Requirement Form (CHDP – English and Spanish):


Oral Health Assessment Form (KOHA – English and Spanish):


Medications Information and Forms:



Immunization Information:


Immunization Requirements (English):




Immunization Requirements (Spanish):




Immunization Clinic Schedule:



Meal Accommodations:

Fluid Milk Substitution:


Physician Authorization for Meal Accommodation:


Special Education/Health History Forms:Health History Eng: History Sp:


Health Update Eng:

Health Update Sp:


Communicable Disease Information:


Insurance Enrollment (Medi-Cal Access):



Wellness Resources:

San Diego Unified School District Nursing & Wellness Department Resources on the following topics:


Physical Activity

Health Promotion


Community Resources


Wellness Centers:


School Based Health Centers:


Meal Pick-Up Sites:



Clinics and Resources:

Community Clinics:

La Maestra Community Health Centers


 List of low Income Dental Clinics:

Low Income Clinics in San Diego



Community Resources:

Home - 2-1-1 San Diego

San Diego Youth Services - Building Futures for 50 Years

YMCA Youth and Family Services

San Diego Children's Programs and Services


Mental Health:

Access and Crisis Line (888)724-7240

Its Up to Us Up2SD- It's Up to Us San Diego


Healthy Activities to Do At Home:

Physical Activity Resources:

10 Minute Exercise Routines:

25 Minute Yoga For Kids:

Free Exercise/ Training App For All:

Free Stretching App For Kids:

Free Meditation/ Mindfulness App


 Resources for Parents/Staff:

80 Fun Things To Do At Home Article:

Kids health and Safety


Wellness Activities:

Wellness Activity Challenge Ideas for all grade levels

Feel free to break these ideas up to do a 5 day challenge, 2 week challenge, or do the full 30 day challenge. It may also be nice to do one five day challenge per quarter or semester to stay engaged with students.

 1. Wake Up, Get Dressed, Brush Teeth & Floss, Drink Large Glass of Water

2. Exercise for 60 Minutes (Online workouts, running in yard, any and all activity counts! It can also be throughout the day)

3. Help Parent with 2 Chores

4. Limit Screen Time after distance learning.

 (Play games, do art, read, relax, take bath, cook!)

5. Read for 60 Minutes (Can be throughout the day)

6. Go through toys/clothes- see if you can donate any or organize them for 60 minutes!

7. Try a vegetable you've never tried before!

8. Drink 5 Glasses of Water in one day.

9. Avoid processed foods for one day.

10. Eat 3 different vegetables in one day.

11. Sit outside and breath for five minutes with no distractions.

12. Call / Facetime a loved one.

13. Practice Self Care- (Hygiene/Grooming/Mini Spa Day).

14. Identify a new healthy recipe you want to learn to make.

15. Watch a funny movie, show or stand up and JUST LAUGH.

16. Take a nap or rest for thirty minutes with no distractions / screens.

17. Cut a lemon or lime and squeeze it into your water all day.

18. Identify 30 things you are grateful for (people/experiences, etc).

19. Use your creativity (draw, color, craft, create).

20. Stretch your muscles for thirty minutes.

21. Get dressed up for no reason! (Ok maybe one selfie!)

22. Write a letter to a friend you miss and mail it.

23. Make a Vision Board with old magazines. (Images that you love or goals for your future).

24. Declutter your room or space by donating 5 items.

25. Help your parent / guardian make a meal.

26. Tell yourself five nice things yourself.

27. Disinfect your work space.

28. Tell your parent / guardian something you love about them.

29. Commit one way you will help the future of our planet.

30. Create a calm space in your room or home.

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